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Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1

We are Polar Bear class


Miss Mabey is the class teacher

Mrs Ware is the Learning Support Assistant



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Our class philosophy is exploration and we are known as the Polar Bear Explorers. Exploring is a characteristic of a polar bear because in the wild they can travel for miles to find food and the best type of habitat for them to live in. Did you know an iceberg can support a healthy population of Polar Bears! 


Polar Bears are brave and strong throughout. When a young Polar Bear explores they learn all sorts of new things and they develop a strong sense of self. This is why exploring is a key philosophy in year one. As children explore different pathways in their learning, their self-esteem develops and they learn to take new risks and accept greater challenges. 

Our learning environment is known as .......


This is because 'Monster Phonics' is a learning programme we use regularly in year one to help us explore our phonics. Below is a link to the Monster Phonics website.......



Click the image to go to the Monster Phonics website


Our current topic is

'Kings, Queens and Castles'

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Picture 1

Our Spring 2 topic for 2019 was

'Welcome to the UK'

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Picture 1

Our Spring 1 topic for 2019 was

'Houses, Homes and Buildings'

Spring 1 Topic Web



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Houses, Homes and Buildings Outcome Event 

Our 'Houses, Homes and Buildings' property auction outcome event was a shining success. A big thank-you to all those who attended and invested in the properties the children put forward for auction. 


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