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The Early Years class name is Butterfly class R and the Teacher is Miss Le Maistre.


The Early Years Learning Support Assistants are Miss Quinn and Miss Weller

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Autumn 2 Superheroes

Autumn 2 Superheroes  1

Superhero inspiration day. The children had fun rescuing the vegetables trapped by the Evil Pea!

Butterfly class enjoyed going on a walk to the post box to send letters to Santa!

Spring 1 Polar Explorers

Spring 1 Polar Explorers  1

All aboard the Polar Express!

All aboard the Polar Express!  1
All aboard the Polar Express!  2
All aboard the Polar Express!  3
All aboard the Polar Express!  4
All aboard the Polar Express!  5
All aboard the Polar Express!  6
All aboard the Polar Express!  7
All aboard the Polar Express!  8
Butterfly class had a brilliant time during our inspiration day. The children met the train conductor who set them the task to make tickets and passports before boarding the Polar Express! The children travelled all the way to the North Pole and some children say they even saw Santa! 

Polar Explorers outcome event!

Butterfly class did a super job showing the whole school what we have been learning about through song and re telling our key text using talk for writing. We really enjoyed bringing our parents into the classroom to show them our learning journeys. Well done Butterflies! 

Spring 2

Spring 2  1

Book day 2019!

Book day 2019!  1
Book day 2019!  2
Book day 2019!  3
Book day 2019!  4
Book day 2019!  5
Book day 2019!  6
Book day 2019!  7
Book day 2019!  8
Book day 2019!  9
Book day 2019!  10
Book day 2019!  11
Book day 2019!  12
Book day 2019!  13
Book day 2019!  14
Book day 2019!  15
Book day 2019!  16
Book day 2019!  17
Book day 2019!  18
Book day 2019!  19
Book day 2019!  20
Book day 2019!  21
Book day 2019!  22
Book day 2019!  23
Book day 2019!  24
Book day 2019!  25
Book day 2019!  26
Book day 2019!  27
Book day 2019!  28
Book day 2019!  29
Book day 2019!  30

Summer 1

Summer 1  1
After reading the story How to Grow a Dinosaur by Caryl Hart the children had to read clues around the outdoors and eventually found dinosaur seeds! We then planted them in the outdoors and waited to see what would happen. 
When we came in the next morning the children noticed cracked dinosaur eggs in the soil! 

We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt!

Butterfly class were very brave as we ventured out around the school to go on a dinosaur hunt! Some children even thought they saw a pterodactyl in the sky.


We walked through the long wavy grass. We swam through the deep cold river. We made it through the thick oozy mud. The children crept through the deep dark forest. We battled through the swirling whirling snow storm. We tip toed to the cave and heard a dinosaur roar! We quickly ran back inside and hid under the covers.

We’re not going on a dinosaur hunt again!

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