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Chiltern Primary School was formed in September 2004 and has the capacity to take 315 children. Each year group can take up to 45 children. The children are organised in classes according to numbers, ages, abilities and needs. The numbers of classes vary from year to year and some classes may be mixed year groups. Each class has a minimum of 15hrs a week of support from a Learning Support Assistant.

The school is accommodated in a 1960’s scola building and a new extension. The scola building was completely refurbished as part of the building works.As well as teaching bases we have a school library, an art room, food technology area, music room and a learning support room. Each teaching base is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and internet computers. The children are actively encouraged to use all forms of ICT to enhance their learning.

The school grounds also develop the children’s learning by providing a stimulating, interesting and active environment.
We encourage the children to take an active role in the school by being members of a School Council, undertaking monitor roles and having the opportunity to become Young Leaders.