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Pupil Premium

The designated person responsible for the leadership of Pupil Premium at Chiltern Primary School is: Jamie Andrews.

Chiltern Primary School is dedicated to providing an exceptional education for all its pupils, including those who are eligible for pupil premium. This website statement aims to outline the school's approach to Pupil Premium and how we strive to make learning irresistible for all our students.

School Mission Statement and Tagline: "Making Learning Irresistible"

At Chiltern Primary School, our mission is to make learning irresistible for every child. We firmly believe that education should ignite a passion for knowledge and inspire our pupils to become lifelong learners. Our tagline, "Making Learning Irresistible," reflects our commitment to creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment for all our students.

Prioritizing Positive Relationships

We understand that positive relationships are the foundation of effective teaching and learning. At Chiltern Primary School, we prioritize building strong relationships between staff, pupils, and families. By fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, we ensure that every child feels valued, respected, and motivated to achieve their full potential.

Championing Each and Every Child

Every child at Chiltern Primary School is unique, with their own strengths, talents, and potential. We champion and celebrate the individuality of every student, supporting them in developing their skills and building their self-confidence. Through personalized learning plans, we ensure that each child receives appropriate support to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

Diminishing Difference for all Pupils, including Pupil Premium Students

At Chiltern Primary School, we are committed to diminishing the gap in educational achievement for all our pupils, including those eligible for pupil premium. We recognize the barriers and challenges that some of our students may face, and we provide targeted support and interventions to ensure that they receive the necessary assistance to succeed.

Providing High-Quality Pastoral Support

A safe and stimulating learning environment is crucial for the overall well-being and academic success of our pupils. Chiltern Primary School places great importance on providing high-quality pastoral support to all its students. Our dedicated staff members offer guidance, care, and opportunities for personal development, helping our pupils to overcome obstacles and flourish both academically and emotionally.

Promoting Equality and Diversity

Chiltern Primary School celebrates and values diversity in all its forms. We strive to create an inclusive environment where every pupil feels respected, accepted, and valued for their unique identity. Through our curriculum and wider school experiences, we promote equality, challenge stereotypes, and nurture a culture of acceptance, thereby preparing our students for life in a diverse society.

Above-Average Pupil Premium Numbers

Chiltern Primary School has a higher than average number of pupils who are eligible for pupil premium. We recognize the additional challenges that these children may face, such as financial constraints or limited access to resources outside school. Through targeted interventions, we ensure that our pupils receive the support and opportunities they need to thrive academically and reach their full potential.

High Adult-to-Child Ratios

To achieve our goal of providing exceptional education for all our students, Chiltern Primary School maintains high adult-to-child ratios. This enables us to provide individualized attention and support to each child, catering to their unique learning needs and ensuring their progress. Our dedicated staff members are committed to guiding, inspiring, and nurturing our pupils along their educational journey.

An Irresistible Learning Curriculum and Experiences

At Chiltern Primary School, our curriculum and wider school experiences are designed to make learning irresistible for all our pupils. We foster a love for learning by offering a wide range of engaging and enriching activities that inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our dedicated teachers deliver high-quality lessons, constantly seeking innovative ways to make learning meaningful and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Chiltern Primary School is dedicated to providing an exceptional education for all its pupils, including those eligible for pupil premium. By prioritizing positive relationships, championing each child, providing high-quality pastoral support, promoting equality and diversity, and delivering an irresistible learning curriculum, we ensure that all our students have the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.