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‘Making Learning Irresistible’

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At Chiltern Primary School, our school mission statement and tagline are “Making Learning Irresistible”. Our intention for our school curriculum is that it embodies this aim by diminishing difference through high quality inclusive teaching. We aim to provide children with a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them. We also aspire to ensure that our children use the school values of: Respect, Resilience, Boundaries, Independence, Self-Regulation and Focus at the point of learning, in their daily lives, in the community and the wider world.  


Early Years

As a Primary School, the primary intention of our Early Years provision is to provide quality play-based learning. All learning in our Early Years is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The Early Years team embody our school aim of building positive relationships through everything that they do. The team foster individual interests as well as whole class areas of learning. Through high-quality inclusive teaching, the Early Years team ensure that each and every child’s potential is maximised. We plan for a variety of different teaching methods in Early Years which include adult-led or adult-initiated learning as well as child-led or child-initiated learning. The Early Years learning environment provides ample opportunities for the children to learn both indoors and outdoors which will help our children gain a more worldly understanding. We make learning irresistible in Early Years through the range of themes and topics we explore which the children themselves have ownership over in order to guide their own learning.  


Key Stages 1 & 2

At Chiltern Primary School, all members of teaching and support staff teams, pride themselves on forging excellent relationships with the children. The power and importance of human connection allow our team to plan careful learning opportunities for the children to enable the knowledge and skills set in the National Curriculum to be achieved. Learning is made irresistible in KS1 and KS2 by delivering the curriculum in an engaging, stimulating and creative way. We utilise cross-curricular links wherever possible and through curriculum enrichment experiences. 


A further aspiration of our curriculum at Chiltern Primary School is to place key emphasis on the development of the ‘whole’ child. This is achieved through the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Citizenship, teaching about sustainability, teaching around spirituality and mindfulness. All of these different areas of the curriculum develop the uniqueness of each and every learner in our school.  


As a school that champions high-quality, inclusive teaching, we know that not all children learn in the same way. The teaching methods and approaches that are used in our classrooms vary depending on the needs of the child. We use a variety of formal and informal methods which help children to learn in the very best way that they can. Children learn from a blend of single-subject teaching and thematic, cross-curricular based activities which are expertly scaffolded by our skilled practitioners to enhance learning. As a school of high-quality inclusive teaching, we adapt learning experiences to ensure that each and every child can learn at their own pace and level. This can be achieved through high-quality inclusive teaching in the classroom as well as targeted support and intervention.  

Chiltern Primary School Curriculum Overview